Tel Aviv: A glimpse of Heaven

Life can be pretty hard at times and for almost everyone. You will hardly find a person, no matter at what their current social status is, who is satisfied with the life that they are living right now. This is not just the discomfort of people who are saddened and depressed by the financial mess that they are in. Even the people who are blessed in the money department and have not much to worry about, rather seem displeased with their life for one reason or the other, although crying in a Ferrari seems much more classy than crying on a bicycle. Anyways, the fact remains that we always dream of living a life of comfort and luxury and in order to live that dream we work hard every day and spend as many hours as we can to spend our sweat, blood, and effort. But the sad part is that we hardly give ourselves the break to enjoy the fruits of our labor.


There is always more work to be done, more bills to pay and more situations to take care of. In all that chaos of worries and deadlines to meet, who can even imagine to take a break and go on a vacation? A vacation that you have already saved up for and will also not cause a huge dent in your wallet. All you need to do is select a destination that will have everything that you want to enjoy and that too at just one place. Can you imagine the money you will be saving on the flight expenses and the hotel expenses. The perfect destination for you has to be Tel Aviv. Why? Because it is a place where you can enjoy the availability of a beach and luxury hotels, of the most hyped about clubs and the most lavish resorts.

There are many flight companies that offer their flight services at very reasonable rates. Flights To Tel Aviv will surely be the best decision you have made because it is the place where you can find people doing business as well as finding many things for pleasure as well. There are many luxury hotels that overlook the beach. You will also find hotels that are that much costly, but the services that they provide include open bars and even an open swimming pool. There are so many people that visit Tel Aviv because of its beautiful sites. It is said that people do not sleep at night in Tel Aviv and when you get the pleasure of seeing the night life in Tel Aviv, you would be amazed at how lively and happening the city becomes at night. From night clubs to casinos, from classy restaurants to the most hip hop elite clubs, Tel Aviv has a lot of diversity to offer everything for everyone. The city makes most of its profit from the tourists that fly in every year, which proves that people all over the world cannot get enough of Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Hotels can be pricey at times, a good alternative that has risen to mainstream level are B&B Israel and Rooms by the hour – both provide cheap rooms to stay in while visiting, although they are a cheaper option to hotels, they in no way less classy! many hotels are also working in the same manner of renting their rooms for a few hours/days.

Ways To Pack Smart When Traveling To The Beach

Packing light is always a hassle.The beach packing list is always the longest. You wish you could take so much but not have the trouble of taking care of your things while you are off for a dip. There’s always that one more pair of chappals you need or that one extra shirt you think you might want to wear. You’ve heard of the mystical people that pack smart and travel light, but you just can’t do it yourself? Unsure of how to pack smart for a trip? Read on to get some amazingly helpful packing for travel tips.

  1. Wash your clothes

Washing your clothes during your trip will keep your bag light. Being ready to move all the time, is a luxury you soon won’t be able to live without. Plus, keeping beach clothes unwashed can create a mess best avoided.

Carry a little detergent in a Ziploc bag, buy tiny detergent sachets or visit a local laundromat for cheap alternate solutions to using the hotel laundry service. The reduced weight on your back will keep you fresh and active.

  1. Don’t be afraid to buy

Many people would rather carry non-essentials from home to save on expenditure on a vacation. With globalization, everywhere has everything. You will find decent deodorants or soaps everywhere you go. Buying daily use products, also gives you a taste of local culture, a feel of the local place.

Sunscreen, a must in your beach travel packing list, can be bought at local stores as well. If you absolutely need to take it from home, go for a travel size pack. The cost saving of a larger pack is not worth the weight.

  1. Quick Dry, Multi-purpose clothes

While visiting a beach, you need clothes you don’t mind getting wet with sea water. They have to be quick dry. Preferably reusable without washing, beach clothes should be designated for the beach. Have a go-to set for when you’ll head out for a swim.

Sarongs, thin skirts, light open shirts are examples of what you can wear above your wet beach wear. Towels are unnecessary with this kind of clothing. Let go of heavy Turkish towels and choose the thin, light towels if you require it. Using hotel towels and not carrying any from home saves space and lots of weight.

  1. Don’t overpack

While it seems obvious, it is not so easy to implement. The temptation to take all your pretty skirts or all your light and cool shirts is too much to fight. Fight it. Washing your clothes allows you take as little as two pants and three tops with three pairs of underwear. Use this opportunity. Taking your whole closet with you is just going to make you tired.

Ladies, shoes are included. If possible, take one pair of shoes. If it breaks, you can buy some at your destination.

Getting Off Course in Corsica, A Perfect Bareboat Charter

Surely everybody wants to holiday in a certain French island off the west coast of Italy. If you haven’t already it’s either because you’re organising the booking process of your hotel or bareboat charter in Corsica as we speak, or you’re allergic to magnificent cliffs and and colourful hillside villages. Corsica is simply stunning, and you probably don’t need a sermon on the many joys of this French island to be convinced about where to plan your next Mediterranean getaway.


The island might have been taken by the French, but everything from the language to Corsican nationalism paints a different picture. Sign posts are in French and Corsican while some places are only known by their Gallic name. Islanders are a proud people, happy to show off their island to eager visitors. Book a yacht charter to experience Les Calanches, a range of orange cliffs that drop dramatically into the clear turquoise sea below. Here are some of the best things to see in Corsica as you steer your way to a perfect Mediterranean holiday.

Run for the hills

You’ll have to dock in the town of Calvi, the supposed birthplace of Christopher Columbus, and head inland if you want to experience some of Corsica’s historic treasures. If you were hoping to pick up a few arts and crafts along your journey, the tiny village of Pigna is the perfect place to find something special. Nearby Speloncato, a town built right into the rock face is another place where you’ll find yourself strolling down little windy cobble stone streets while you marvel the historic architecture.

Cosican cliffs are king

The town of Bonifacio looks like it was carved straight from the white cliffs it rests atop. Entering Bonifacio by boat is exciting because of the extreme cliff face leading you to the marina. While the white cliffs are stunning, it’s on the west coast that you’ll find the cliffs that Corsica is most known for. Les Calaches are spikey orange cliffs that graduate into deep blue water. You can sail around them from the town of Piana to Porto, or you can dock your boat and enjoy stunning views along a walking trail that follows the cliffs between those two villages.

Best beaches ever!

Head back just east of Calvi if you’re looking for family-friendly beaches where bathers are kept safe by vigilant lifeguards. One of the best places to view Calvi is on the beach at Lumio overlooking the Bay of Algaio. If you want to get away from the ‘Roast Beef’ as Brits are known in this part of the Med, then try a beach only accessible by boat. To get there, set sail from the prosperous town of St. Florent and make your way to Plage (beach in French) du Lotu.

A bareboat charter lets you experience places few other tourists ever get to see. It gives you the freedom to explore Corsica at your own pace and enjoy the incredible cliffs the island is so famous for. Dock your boat along hundreds of miles of coastline packed with beaches, historic villages and the best French food you’ll ever taste in your life.

Book a yacht charter to experience Les Calanches, orange cliffs that drop into the clear turquoise sea below. Here are some of the best things to see in Corsica.

The spectacular trip that is called African Safari Tours

When you say ‘wildlife safari’, the first picture that comes to mind is of Africa. With around 11.7 million sq miles, it is the second largest continent, and also the second most populous. One of the highlights of the continent is definitely its wildlife and has one of the largest wildlife populations in the world. Be it carnivores or herbivores, these animals move about freely and can be spotted easily.

Apart from the five big animals of Africa which include rhinos, elephants, lions, leopards and buffaloes, there are just 400 species of birds alone and more than 95 species of other animals including reptiles, amphibians and mammals. In fact, the Masai Mara Reserve is reputed to be the only place in entire Africa that has such abundant population of diverse wildlife population.  It was made a protected area with the sole intention of protecting wildlife from hunters and poaching activities.

African National Parks

Here are some of the best african safari tours in the famous National Parks of Africa.

The Serengeti National Park: This is another attraction of Tanzania. With an area spread over 5,700 sq miles, it has a great diversity of wildlife population. There is the wildebeest population which can be spotted during its visits to the region and zebras can be spotted all the time.  It is one of the most popular safari destinations in Africa and visitors can opt for different types of accommodation, be it luxury lodges or the adventurous mobile camps.

Bwindi Forests: If you wish to visit one safari that mirrors the uniqueness of Africa, then you should head to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, located in Uganda.  Due to its exceptional ecosystem, it is a world heritage site.  A safari tour to these forests can also be referred to the gorilla tour as most visitors come here to see the gigantic gorilla population. A safari tour to the Bwindi impenetrable forest means you get to taste the adventure, the excitement and the closeness to nature.

Ahaggar National Park: Located in Algeria, the Ahaggar National Park has an amazing landscape, with 3000 meter of mountain range, and a colossal wasteland. The classic dunes of the desert are a must-see.  It is also a safe place to visit contrary to reports. Those who wish to experience nomadic culture and a desert landscape should visit the park. It is serene and peaceful, not just to the eyes but to the mind as well.

 Kidepo Valley National Park: If you have been looking for a picturesque place to spend your time, along with spotting wildlife, then the Kidepo Valley Natioanal Park in Uganda is what you should visit. The savannah grasslands along with high mountains, this is a place where your camera can capture beauty in its raw form. It is not that popular and it remains remote yet beautiful. Visitors can get astonishing glimpse into the various wildlife populations, the highlight being herds of wild buffaloes.

The thought of leading daily life and watching lions and tigers move about in their abode is exciting in itself. That is the beauty of going on a safari tour in Africa.

Experience Luxury in Hotels of Agra

Agra is located in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh on the banks of the Yamuna River. It is a testimony to the Mughal aesthetic brilliance, with magnificent structures, portraying the heritage of India. The city is home to a lot of ornate tombs, attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world. The bustling arcades contrast the lush, peaceful gardens along the river. Trains, buses and taxis from all parts of the country can be taken to visit this destination.

Famous Spots to Explore

Taj Mahal is an epitome of poetry and love, embedded in its fine white marble structure. Besides this, the city is also home to many other spectacular monuments like Agra Fort. This fortress, featuring a blend of Hindu and Islamic architectures, was built by Akbar, one of the greatest Indian emperors. The mausoleums of Mariam-uz-Zamani, also known as Jodha Bai, Akbar and Itimad-ud-Daulah are also renowned city attractions. Chini Ka Ruaza, another tomb complex here, is known for the remains of ornate tiles on its walls. People can stay at luxurious hotels like ITC Mughal and Radisson Blu that offer all modern amenities.

ITC Mughal Agra

The hotel is located around 4 km away from the famous Taj Mahal. It has 233 accommodation options, including Mughal Rooms, Mughal Chambers, and Royal Mughal, Presidential and Grand Presidential suites. A multi-channel television with DVD player is available in every room for guests to watch movies and shows in their leisure time. Everyone is provided with a tea and coffee maker to start their day on a refreshing note. Three conference halls with internet access are also housed in the hotel for corporate travellers.

ITC Mughal Agra has numerous gardens for people to host weddings and other celebratory functions on a grand scale. For health-conscious guests, the on-site fitness club offers modern exercise equipment. Spa and salon facilities for relaxation and rejuvenation after a tiring day are also available here. Guests can take a refreshing dip in the sparkling swimming pool of the property. There are four restaurants here, offering a wide array of cuisines and drinks. A lounge-cum-bar is also available to try drinks in an elegant decor.

Radisson Blu Agra

The property is at a short distance from major tourist attractions of the city like Taj Mahal and Sikandra, making transportation convenient. Guests can stay in 142 rooms, including Superior, Deluxe and Business class rooms, and Executive and Radisson suites. A large work desk, along with free Wi-Fi is provided in the rooms. En suite mini-bar with liquors of numerous brands can be used for refreshment. A flat-screen TV with a number of channels across all genres is available to all occupants as well. Meals and snacks can be enjoyed in privacy via the 24-hour in-room dining service, provided by the hotel.

Daawat-e-Nawab, an in-house restaurant, provides various Indian dishes on uniquely crafted bell metal dinnerware. Radisson Blue Agra houses the Colorbar-Tapas and Barbeque Restaurant, which offers a large selection of wines, and Indian and Continental dishes with lively music and ambience. Guests can sip coffee any time of the day at the 24-hour cafe, The Latitude. It serves buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner with a variety of beverages. At Liquid Lounge, diners can sip cocktails, watch sports events and dance to the in-house DJ, whereas at Tea Lounge they can have freshly brewed tea with chocolates and pastries. Ayurvedic massages can be availed at the on-site spa for rejuvenation after an adventurous day. A fitness centre, featuring an outdoor sparkling pool, is also available for relaxation.

The city, along with its hotels, ensures a memorable and unforgettable experience to all travellers.

The Best Stockholm Holiday

Sweden is one of the oldest nations in the world. For hundreds of years, it has been developing a long tradition of exciting culture, incredible people, and stunning architecture. When you visit Sweden, it can be difficult to focus on just one place to visit. There is so much of Sweden that is worth seeing and experiencing; however, you need to make sure you visit Stockholm.


Stockholm is Sweden’s capital and the most populous city in the countries generally considered Nordic. There are many different aspects of culture that you should explore when you visit Stockholm. In fact, the sheer number of attractions can be slightly overwhelming. To figure out where you should go in Stockholm, you should break up your ideas based on your interests. Once you’ve broken your trip down into several different areas of interest, it’s easier to figure out the top things to do in Stockholm.


Stockholm, Sweden is a city full of rich history. It has been around for hundreds of years as a hub of Nordic and Swedish culture. If you are interested in history and culture, you should look into different ways to experience this history. The Vasa Museum is one such place. The museum contains the most intact 17th century ship in the world. It is a maritime museum that focuses on the history of Northern European sea exploration and combat. The museum, the most popular one in Scandinavia, is named for the ship itself, which is called the Vasa. TheVasa was a 64-gun ship that sank on its maiden voyage.

Gamla stan (Old Town) is the oldest section of Stockholm, and it still features its original medieval street layout. The oldest building in the section, and in Stockholm, is a 13th-century building that is still partially intact. If you are looking for a piece of history, Old Town is another great choice.


If you are looking for something a little more exciting than a history museum, a sporting event or a show might be more appropriate. The most popular sports are ice hockey and football. The city features several hockey teams and football teams. If rugby league is something you enjoy, Stockholm recently formed its first rugby league team. There are also several theatres, movie theatres, and concerts every year. As the biggest city in the country, Stockholm creates one-third of the GDP of Sweden. That means that concerts and other attractions are drawn to the city at every time of the year.


There are more than 1000 restaurants in the city. Eight of those restaurants are Michelin star restaurants. Two of those have two stars. It’s not uncommon for a city to have no Michelin star restaurants; to have eight demonstrates the diversity of Stockholm food culture.

When you are looking for history, culture, and food in Scandinavia, you should consider Stockholm. It is an incredibly diverse city with hundreds of years of culture. It is the largest city in Sweden and the source of much of its wealth. There is something for everyone in Stockholm

Bellarome Roman Vacation Package

Italy has always captured the heart and imagination of millions of people all over the world. A country rich in history, culture, cuisine and other attractions gives little wonder why tourism has always been one of its main industries. With an almost infinite number of things to do and sites to see, the only downside is that vacations have a limited amount of time to truly take in and really enjoy what such a rich country has to offer. A visitor wants to connect with the country on a personal level. Like the saying goes, “When in Rome” (excuse the pun), best describes what people flock to Italy for, a truly amazing experience, from an Italian perspective. Bellarome is a travel company built around giving visitors the means of having a fabulous Italian getaway fully customizable to their interests.

What sets Bellarome Italian Holidays apart from other holiday and vacation sites is that many of the people behind them simply don’t know much about the destinations they are so quick to send their clientele to.  At Bellarome the main focus is on providing a complete and specialized holiday tailored to the needs of the traveler. They have a range of multi centered holidays, to some of the most beautiful locations all over Italy. They also understand that tourists come from all over the world with different tastes and also try to create a package reflective of the type of traveler. Take for instance, a vacation to Rome will be different for a newlywed couple as opposed to a group of college students.


The historical center of Rome, with its majestic monuments and beautiful fountains, lit up at night make for the perfect ambience to a romantic stroll. Many couples have fallen in love with Ponte Milivio, and even made a contribution to the Love locks bridge, where the custom is to attach locks as a token of love and commitment, throwing the key into the Tevere as an affirmation. This is what Italy is all about and this is what Bellarome takes pride in. Rome is synonymous with romance. Let the soothing sounds of the orchestra from the Spanish Steps compliment the view that is achieved from on top. Or perhaps the ambience of the largest park in central Rome, the Villa Borghese, has a more simplistic appeal. Set against the backdrop of towering pine trees, and beautiful promenades, moments are captured forever in this romantic setting.

Rome is wonderful destination for the entire family, not just couples and adults. Children will be fascinated by the pizza making and market tour as well as all the gelato they can eat. Tours of the Roman Coliseum and the Pantheon are always great attractions to engage young and old alike. The Vatican is an excellent escape the entire family can enjoy.


Rome is a delightful blend of history and urban appeal.  For those interested in dancing the night away, the nightlife is also a big attraction that the city is famous for. Whether the night calls for the flashing lights and thunderous beats of La Cabala nightclub, or the soft evening with friends at the many wine bars such as Sallotto 42, there is something scintillating for all niches. The party life goes on until the wee hours of the morning at Club Goa, one of the more famous nightclubs for alternative music in Europe.


One key factor that can make or break a vacation is location. Travelling more than needed, especially on the chaotic traffic heavy streets of Rome can be somewhat unnerving. The great thing about a Roman holiday is that things to do are always relatively within close proximity. The ancient city has quite a bit to offer in terms of restaurants, museums, beautiful architecture dating back to the rise of the Empire. Quite a bit of those attractions especially within the ancient city section are within walking distance. Building a travel package with most of the itinerary close to hotels is yet another wonderful feature of booking with Bellarome Italian Holidays.

For many people, the idea of a good quality vacation package may just seem out of reach simply because of the high cost involved. With specialty packages available at different prices, Bellarome works with their budget to maximize what can be achieved at the most competitive price. Rome is filled with hotels and villas that can offer great accommodations at suitable cost. But it takes a travel company with years of hands on experience in the Italian tourist industry to understand the flexibility and diversity of tourists. Then again there are those that favor the experience above all else, and pricing is of little importance as long as the vacation lives up to expectation or surpasses it. There are also many pre-arranged packages that take the guess work out of the time that should be spent enjoying beautiful Italy.

Top 8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Rental Car

More and more Americans are driving to their vacation destinations rather than flying to save money. However, you may notice that rental car rates are not as cheap as they once were. Darn inflation!However, if you plan enough and dig deep enough, you can take advantage of your next borrowed auto. To help you get started, check out the top eight ways to save on your next rental car excursion.

  1. Join Loyalty Programs

The first thing to always do is join as many car rental loyalty programs as possible. These membership groups are usually free. The company records your contact information, and in turn, offers packages and deals from time to time. Usually they do so via email.

Just think of it as a mutually beneficial relationship. They can send out direct advertisements to a particular, interested demographic; meanwhile, you receive discounts on products and accumulate loyalty rental points. With enough of these points, you can enjoy free or extremely discounted car rentals.

Over time, especially if you travel a lot or remain loyal to one particular brand, you will accumulate enough points to achieve elite status. Most brands will then award you double points per rental and other perks, such as no standing in line at the counter.

Even if a newbie, always check the travel program website for current discounts. The companies are always offering a deal of some kind.

  1. Take Advantage of Small Business Savings

If you run a small business, be sure to ask whether your chosen car rental company has discounts for entrepreneurs. Quite often they do in order to stimulate patronage among this group. Large companies usually have the financial resources to fly employees around. Car rental companies know they need to win over small business owners who drive more often.

  1. Use Coupons

Check travel sites for car rental coupons. These days, you only need to copy the code and present it to the agent at check-in. Another place to find coupons is the airport. Ground transportation is usually full of advertising. There is often a permanent discount code printed on billboards to entice last minute travelers into making a booking. You can record these codes next time in an airport for future use.

  1. Compare Prices Online

Online booking and rate locator tools find the lowest prices on travel products. Just plug in the expected dates of travel and let the computer do all the work. Technology has made our world so much easier.

Do be forewarned. Some budget rental agencies might not be featured on the travel aggregators.

  1. Book on Prepaid Sites

Booking sites that allow travelers to purchase pre-paid, high-priority travel products can offer tremendous savings. The catch is that the traveler cannot see the company name until after paying for the reservation. Only then does the site present that information. In most instances, these sites utilize major brands, so all is well.

  1. Search for Partner Deals

When joining car rental loyalty programs, be sure to enroll in airline frequent flyer and hotel frequent stay programs. You may find partner deals that encourage you to rent a car from a brand linked to your airline or hotel.

  1. Do Not Buy Car Rental Insurance, Unless Necessary

Always check to see if your insurance coverage already covers car rentals. If so, you would be wasting money paying for separate insurance.

If you have attended an online traffic school, then your personal insurance rate is probably already low. No need to waste money on rental insurance. You earned the low premiums, now enjoy them.

  1. Fill the Gas Tank

Always fill the gas tank before turning in a rental car. If not, you might receive an unwanted additional fee on your credit card.

Save Money and Stay Safe

With this information, you can now rent cars and save money in the process. Also consider enrolling in a CA traffic school to brush up on those rules of the road. Doing so can help you get to your destination safely and without incident.

Pros and cons of camping

Camping is overall a fun activity. Most of our youth likes to go for camping with their friends in the young age. There are many advantages and disadvantages of camping. Few of them are given below:


When we talk about the advantages of camping, there are so many to count. The biggest advantage that you can get by going to camping is the distraction and peace of mind. Working on a routine for so many days can tired up anyone, so to make their mind fresh and healthy, everyone needs a break for a while. Unfortunately, in this world, people do take holidays to relax themselves, but what actually happens is they get engaged with the household activities and with a lot of family drama that they won’t find any time for themselves. As a result, instead of getting relaxed, they get more depressed and want to go back to their work. At this moment, what they actually need is some time away from each and everything and that my friend can be achieved by going for camping. So pack your bags and check the family tent reviews before buying any types of tents. They can actually help you decide what to buy and what to reject.

Apart from getting distracted, you can make a strong connection with nature by camping. As everything around you is totally natural and there is no extra human interaction, you can make a pure connection with God and nature. This can be done by doing yoga and other types of meditation. Believe me or not, this is the best benefit of camping. Don’t forget, nature has the ultimate power to heal anything.

There are so many health benefits if you are wondering. Everything around you is purely natural. Whatever you eat, drink or even breathe is pure, so it is all beneficial for your health. The more you stay, the more you get healthy in a natural environment. Eating fresh fruits and breathing fresh air is something only lucky people can have.


There are so many disadvantages too. There are many people who think that camping is a time wasting activity and they are correct in a sense that on camping you need some extra time in case of any mishap. Apart from that, it requires a lot of money as well. This is the reason why most of the people can’t go on camping with their friends. Camping is done in a natural environment so there is a pretty good chance of encountering some wild animals too. For that you need some weapon and some training as well.

Going on camping for many days can make you home sick too. Most people start missing their family and relatives and this make their trip useless. Don’t forget that the main purpose of camping is to make you happy and satisfied and if you are not feeling any of these then I am afraid, camping is something that does not suit you in any way.

First Class Is the Only Class for Travel

When the time comes to travel abroad, you have a choice of economy, business, and first-class tickets. Although it might appear at first glance that economy is the smartest choice, it is simply not the truth. There is nothing quite so lovely as a three-course meal, compared to the simple sandwich and drink offered in other cabins. Imagine a flight attendant spreading her time among just six other passengers, as opposed to the 50 sitting behind you.

Unlike a few decades ago, when first class was occupied almost exclusively by business people, you can now spot many different kinds of passengers enjoying the comfortable seats. You might even have the chance to catch a glimpse of a celebrity on their way from or to a movie set. The reasons to fly first-class are hard to ignore, and you deserve the best out of your trip to New York this year.

Faster Check-in and Security

The first-class experience can be felt the moment you start the process of getting into the airport, as you often have your own designated area to check in. You even get to proceed directly from check-in to your own security line just for first-class ticket holders and those coach holders with elite status with the airline. First class flights to New York allow you to arrive closer to your departure time without the fear of long security lines.

Access to the Lounge

With your first-class ticket, you gain access to the lounge as you wait for your departure time. Inside, the noise levels are at a minimum, and there are drinks available for you to sit back and enjoy with the other first-class passengers as you wait. In the economy seating, there is nothing to do but sit and listen to people talk on their phones or watch children make messes. Airport such as London Heathrow have lounge facilities with everything from a spa service to a noodle bar. With so much luxury to enjoy before you even set foot on the plane, many people opt for first-class for this reason alone.

Board Before Anyone Else

If you have ever flown before, you have likely seen or even been a member of the large crowd that gathers around the departure gate area in hopes of getting on first. These men and women are often those with the most bags in tow, who hope to get on first and take up all the overhead space. Along with these rushers are those who have not flown before and do not know that they will be called by section.

Unlike all of these people, you have the right to board first, which means you can take your time boarding the plane without any of the crowding or stolen bag space. In fact, you will have your own space to place your items, away from the overhead bins of the economy class. Once you walk onto the plane and find your seat, you will be welcomed warmly and offered a beverage of your choice and a snack. Compared to the canned soda and tiny package of peanuts available to the economy class, this is an enormous step up in comfort. Travel to New York in style and comfort this year. You deserve it.