Bellarome Roman Vacation Package

Italy has always captured the heart and imagination of millions of people all over the world. A country rich in history, culture, cuisine and other attractions gives little wonder why tourism has always been one of its main industries. With an almost infinite number of things to do and sites to see, the only downside is that vacations have a limited amount of time to truly take in and really enjoy what such a rich country has to offer. A visitor wants to connect with the country on a personal level. Like the saying goes, “When in Rome” (excuse the pun), best describes what people flock to Italy for, a truly amazing experience, from an Italian perspective. Bellarome is a travel company built around giving visitors the means of having a fabulous Italian getaway fully customizable to their interests.

What sets Bellarome Italian Holidays apart from other holiday and vacation sites is that many of the people behind them simply don’t know much about the destinations they are so quick to send their clientele to.  At Bellarome the main focus is on providing a complete and specialized holiday tailored to the needs of the traveler. They have a range of multi centered holidays, to some of the most beautiful locations all over Italy. They also understand that tourists come from all over the world with different tastes and also try to create a package reflective of the type of traveler. Take for instance, a vacation to Rome will be different for a newlywed couple as opposed to a group of college students.


The historical center of Rome, with its majestic monuments and beautiful fountains, lit up at night make for the perfect ambience to a romantic stroll. Many couples have fallen in love with Ponte Milivio, and even made a contribution to the Love locks bridge, where the custom is to attach locks as a token of love and commitment, throwing the key into the Tevere as an affirmation. This is what Italy is all about and this is what Bellarome takes pride in. Rome is synonymous with romance. Let the soothing sounds of the orchestra from the Spanish Steps compliment the view that is achieved from on top. Or perhaps the ambience of the largest park in central Rome, the Villa Borghese, has a more simplistic appeal. Set against the backdrop of towering pine trees, and beautiful promenades, moments are captured forever in this romantic setting.

Rome is wonderful destination for the entire family, not just couples and adults. Children will be fascinated by the pizza making and market tour as well as all the gelato they can eat. Tours of the Roman Coliseum and the Pantheon are always great attractions to engage young and old alike. The Vatican is an excellent escape the entire family can enjoy.


Rome is a delightful blend of history and urban appeal.  For those interested in dancing the night away, the nightlife is also a big attraction that the city is famous for. Whether the night calls for the flashing lights and thunderous beats of La Cabala nightclub, or the soft evening with friends at the many wine bars such as Sallotto 42, there is something scintillating for all niches. The party life goes on until the wee hours of the morning at Club Goa, one of the more famous nightclubs for alternative music in Europe.


One key factor that can make or break a vacation is location. Travelling more than needed, especially on the chaotic traffic heavy streets of Rome can be somewhat unnerving. The great thing about a Roman holiday is that things to do are always relatively within close proximity. The ancient city has quite a bit to offer in terms of restaurants, museums, beautiful architecture dating back to the rise of the Empire. Quite a bit of those attractions especially within the ancient city section are within walking distance. Building a travel package with most of the itinerary close to hotels is yet another wonderful feature of booking with Bellarome Italian Holidays.

For many people, the idea of a good quality vacation package may just seem out of reach simply because of the high cost involved. With specialty packages available at different prices, Bellarome works with their budget to maximize what can be achieved at the most competitive price. Rome is filled with hotels and villas that can offer great accommodations at suitable cost. But it takes a travel company with years of hands on experience in the Italian tourist industry to understand the flexibility and diversity of tourists. Then again there are those that favor the experience above all else, and pricing is of little importance as long as the vacation lives up to expectation or surpasses it. There are also many pre-arranged packages that take the guess work out of the time that should be spent enjoying beautiful Italy.