First Class Is the Only Class for Travel

When the time comes to travel abroad, you have a choice of economy, business, and first-class tickets. Although it might appear at first glance that economy is the smartest choice, it is simply not the truth. There is nothing quite so lovely as a three-course meal, compared to the simple sandwich and drink offered in other cabins. Imagine a flight attendant spreading her time among just six other passengers, as opposed to the 50 sitting behind you.

Unlike a few decades ago, when first class was occupied almost exclusively by business people, you can now spot many different kinds of passengers enjoying the comfortable seats. You might even have the chance to catch a glimpse of a celebrity on their way from or to a movie set. The reasons to fly first-class are hard to ignore, and you deserve the best out of your trip to New York this year.

Faster Check-in and Security

The first-class experience can be felt the moment you start the process of getting into the airport, as you often have your own designated area to check in. You even get to proceed directly from check-in to your own security line just for first-class ticket holders and those coach holders with elite status with the airline. First class flights to New York allow you to arrive closer to your departure time without the fear of long security lines.

Access to the Lounge

With your first-class ticket, you gain access to the lounge as you wait for your departure time. Inside, the noise levels are at a minimum, and there are drinks available for you to sit back and enjoy with the other first-class passengers as you wait. In the economy seating, there is nothing to do but sit and listen to people talk on their phones or watch children make messes. Airport such as London Heathrow have lounge facilities with everything from a spa service to a noodle bar. With so much luxury to enjoy before you even set foot on the plane, many people opt for first-class for this reason alone.

Board Before Anyone Else

If you have ever flown before, you have likely seen or even been a member of the large crowd that gathers around the departure gate area in hopes of getting on first. These men and women are often those with the most bags in tow, who hope to get on first and take up all the overhead space. Along with these rushers are those who have not flown before and do not know that they will be called by section.

Unlike all of these people, you have the right to board first, which means you can take your time boarding the plane without any of the crowding or stolen bag space. In fact, you will have your own space to place your items, away from the overhead bins of the economy class. Once you walk onto the plane and find your seat, you will be welcomed warmly and offered a beverage of your choice and a snack. Compared to the canned soda and tiny package of peanuts available to the economy class, this is an enormous step up in comfort. Travel to New York in style and comfort this year. You deserve it.