Fun Cat Sailing

San Diego’s location along the Pacific coast offers residents and tourists alike with a variety of opportunities not found further inland. One of the biggest attractions that San Diego has to offer is sailing tours, and there are a lot to choose from! Fun Cat Sailing is one of the best options around, and the specialized care that they put into making each sailing trip an enjoyable and safe experience alone is a driving force behind their success.

Relax the Day Away Sailing on the Ocean

Sailing is supposed to be a relaxing adventure. The ships they use for every tour are designed with that in mind, ensuring a stress-free ride for every passenger. It’s a fantastic activity for anyone to try—and it’s even more fun to do as a group! Families can spend time together without worrying about things that are going on in other parts of their lives. Passengers can swim off the side of the boat, check out local wildlife like whales up close, have a meal together thanks to the large galley or kitchen on each of Fun Cat Sailing’s ships, or just lounge out on the deck and chat. Don’t want to get wet or are worried about being sunburned? The rear of each of Fun Cat Sailing’s ship is designed to protect passengers from ocean spray and sun should they want to stay dry and cool. The safety and comfort of passengers is always a priority at Fun Cat Sailing so you can focus on relaxing and not worrying!

Smooth Sailing with a Catamaran

A catamaran is a type of yacht built with two identical hulls that run parallel to each other. Catamarans have a wider stance that allows them to maneuver with less resistance through the water, which can make for a much smoother ride. The double hulls prevent the typical rolling that is expected from single hulled boats. For those who are a bit squeamish or uncomfortable with sailing due to the rocking sensation that accompanies the experience, even in calm waters, sailing San Diego on a catamaran can be much better option.

Fun Cat Sailing has two catamarans for their charter sailing services. The standard design of a catamaran, coupled with the customizations made by Fun Cat Sailing, actively prevents instances of seasickness and other motion-induced illnesses. Both of Fun Cat Sailing’s catamarans, “Tigress” and “Wind Drum,” offer any and all of the comforts a passenger could want during a day sailing on the water. They are also designed with accessibility in mind, accommodating the needs of any and all passengers on board. All of those added amenities and design aspects found on the catamarans only add to the relaxation factor offered by Fun Cat Sailing.

Captain Rod, At Your Service

Every ship, no matter the type or size, should have an experienced captain at the helm. At Fun Cat Sailing, it’s Captain Rod Jones who leads every sailing tour. Captain Rod is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain who has been sailing for over thirty years, with twenty-five of those years spent doing sailboat charters in the San Diego area. For those who want to learn more about sailing while on a tour with Fun Cat Sailing, the Captain is also a certified sailing instructor through ASA San Diego and would be more than happy to help provide a more hand-on experience for those who want one.

The Captain not just the person who operates Fun Cat Sailing’s catamarans, he is also the owner and he takes special care in ensuring that every sailing trip is a memorable experience. He is also the only one in the company that sails its ships full-time, and he knows and cares for each ship with pride. With a smaller fleet, coupled with his years of experience, you can expect Captain Rod to offer an exciting and safe experience at Fun Cat Sailing.

Their Reasonable Rates

Basic San Diego sailing tours can come at a hefty cost that tends to cause people to identify it as a luxury and pass on it as an option. With prices being set by factors such as time or the number of people on board, some sailing tours are largely inaccessible to those who want to give the experience a try. Even when looking at packages and deals, potential customers could still look at over $100 a person for an hour or two on the water.

A Fun Cat Sailing, the rates tend to be much more reasonable compared to their competitors. All sailing trips and tours come with a flat rate of $85 a person. Standard tours offered by Fun Cat Sailing also are on average about three hours long. Add in options for group discounts and customized specials, and customers can save even more. Comparing Fun Cat Sailing’s rates to those of other San Diego sailing tours, they come out as a far more affordable and reasonable option for those looking to have a unique experience out on the water.

What Can You See?

A standard offering for most sailing tours, whale watching in San Diego is a fairly popular option. Different species of whales migrate through the area about two-thirds of the year. Depending on what time of year you’re looking at, chances are there will be a few trips available to see them up close. Fun Cat Sailing offers daily sailing trips, available whenever there are whales near San Diego. The calm sailing experience that comes with a catamaran also makes it incredibly easy to safely watch and follow whales.

Whales are not the only wildlife that can be seen on a Fun Cat Sailing trip. The company also offers dolphin-watching trips during the winter months. There are also sea lions and sea birds that can be seen in their natural environment during sailing trips. Each trip that involves wildlife watching serves to be informative as well as fun. The goal at Fun Cat Sailing is to make each trip an exciting experience that each customer can gain from, even if it’s in the form of knowledge.