Fun Things That You Must Do In South West Florida

The studies, the busy life of office and then comes the old age. Why do you have to make life so boring and complicated? It is high time that you escape from this mundane life and do something that gives a meaning to your life.  Travel to your dream places and make memories that you can talk about.

Now, when it comes to doing exciting things, South West Florida takes the show.

Here’s a list of things that you must do here before you die.

  • The Music life of Punta Gorda Guitar Army is something that you cannot afford to leave out. They will give you one of the best nights of your life with their jam sessions.
  • If you are a car lover, you cannot miss out visiting the Collier Automobile. Here you can find a collection of all your favorite vintage cars that you dreamt of! The rarest innovations find a place here.
  • Book a hotel with a beachfront and watch the beauty of the sun at its best.
  • As a food lover, do not forget to savor the corned beef hash and of course the French toast.
  • Visit The Skump Ape Research Centre. Do not forget to take a picture with the giant panther statue there.
  • Visit the famous Arcade Theatre and see a show which will take back you to late 1900 times.
  • You will taste the best leeches of your life here.
  • Visit the Ortiz Flea Market and find yourself amongst 500+ vendors selling everything that you could think about.
  • As an art lover, do not forget to pay a visit to the Art Museum in Sarasota.
  • If you like adventures, take the Friday night drag race.
  • Try the Stone Crabs in Everglades City.
  • Laugh your heart out at the various comedy clubs like Off the Hook.
  • Do visit the Solomon’s Castle in Ona known for its beautiful sculptures and historical art.
  • Do not miss out on the Edison Festival of Light parade. Here you will find participants from all over the nation along with marching bands.

There is still a long list to go. Book your tickets to experience them all!

The Famous Fort Myers

Fort Myers is indeed the heart and soul of South West Florida. The best thing is that it is adventurous, beautiful and enthralling but also very affordable. You can spend hours in this place without getting bored with the surety that your money has been put to the best use.

The sand beaches here won’t cost you anything but will present before you the beauty of the setting sun and splashing water under your feet.

You could take a walk through the Art Walk and have a look at the galleries that are sure to leave you spellbound. For adventure sports, here is the Manatee Park.

You will spot here the marine giants known as manatees!

If you haven’t visited this place, you’re surely missing out on life. You Must Do Visitor Guides and make the best out of this incredible place!