Getting Off Course in Corsica, A Perfect Bareboat Charter

Surely everybody wants to holiday in a certain French island off the west coast of Italy. If you haven’t already it’s either because you’re organising the booking process of your hotel or bareboat charter in Corsica as we speak, or you’re allergic to magnificent cliffs and and colourful hillside villages. Corsica is simply stunning, and you probably don’t need a sermon on the many joys of this French island to be convinced about where to plan your next Mediterranean getaway.


The island might have been taken by the French, but everything from the language to Corsican nationalism paints a different picture. Sign posts are in French and Corsican while some places are only known by their Gallic name. Islanders are a proud people, happy to show off their island to eager visitors. Book a yacht charter to experience Les Calanches, a range of orange cliffs that drop dramatically into the clear turquoise sea below. Here are some of the best things to see in Corsica as you steer your way to a perfect Mediterranean holiday.

Run for the hills

You’ll have to dock in the town of Calvi, the supposed birthplace of Christopher Columbus, and head inland if you want to experience some of Corsica’s historic treasures. If you were hoping to pick up a few arts and crafts along your journey, the tiny village of Pigna is the perfect place to find something special. Nearby Speloncato, a town built right into the rock face is another place where you’ll find yourself strolling down little windy cobble stone streets while you marvel the historic architecture.

Cosican cliffs are king

The town of Bonifacio looks like it was carved straight from the white cliffs it rests atop. Entering Bonifacio by boat is exciting because of the extreme cliff face leading you to the marina. While the white cliffs are stunning, it’s on the west coast that you’ll find the cliffs that Corsica is most known for. Les Calaches are spikey orange cliffs that graduate into deep blue water. You can sail around them from the town of Piana to Porto, or you can dock your boat and enjoy stunning views along a walking trail that follows the cliffs between those two villages.

Best beaches ever!

Head back just east of Calvi if you’re looking for family-friendly beaches where bathers are kept safe by vigilant lifeguards. One of the best places to view Calvi is on the beach at Lumio overlooking the Bay of Algaio. If you want to get away from the ‘Roast Beef’ as Brits are known in this part of the Med, then try a beach only accessible by boat. To get there, set sail from the prosperous town of St. Florent and make your way to Plage (beach in French) du Lotu.

A bareboat charter lets you experience places few other tourists ever get to see. It gives you the freedom to explore Corsica at your own pace and enjoy the incredible cliffs the island is so famous for. Dock your boat along hundreds of miles of coastline packed with beaches, historic villages and the best French food you’ll ever taste in your life.

Book a yacht charter to experience Les Calanches, orange cliffs that drop into the clear turquoise sea below. Here are some of the best things to see in Corsica.