Pros and cons of camping

Camping is overall a fun activity. Most of our youth likes to go for camping with their friends in the young age. There are many advantages and disadvantages of camping. Few of them are given below:


When we talk about the advantages of camping, there are so many to count. The biggest advantage that you can get by going to camping is the distraction and peace of mind. Working on a routine for so many days can tired up anyone, so to make their mind fresh and healthy, everyone needs a break for a while. Unfortunately, in this world, people do take holidays to relax themselves, but what actually happens is they get engaged with the household activities and with a lot of family drama that they won’t find any time for themselves. As a result, instead of getting relaxed, they get more depressed and want to go back to their work. At this moment, what they actually need is some time away from each and everything and that my friend can be achieved by going for camping. So pack your bags and check the family tent reviews before buying any types of tents. They can actually help you decide what to buy and what to reject.

Apart from getting distracted, you can make a strong connection with nature by camping. As everything around you is totally natural and there is no extra human interaction, you can make a pure connection with God and nature. This can be done by doing yoga and other types of meditation. Believe me or not, this is the best benefit of camping. Don’t forget, nature has the ultimate power to heal anything.

There are so many health benefits if you are wondering. Everything around you is purely natural. Whatever you eat, drink or even breathe is pure, so it is all beneficial for your health. The more you stay, the more you get healthy in a natural environment. Eating fresh fruits and breathing fresh air is something only lucky people can have.


There are so many disadvantages too. There are many people who think that camping is a time wasting activity and they are correct in a sense that on camping you need some extra time in case of any mishap. Apart from that, it requires a lot of money as well. This is the reason why most of the people can’t go on camping with their friends. Camping is done in a natural environment so there is a pretty good chance of encountering some wild animals too. For that you need some weapon and some training as well.

Going on camping for many days can make you home sick too. Most people start missing their family and relatives and this make their trip useless. Don’t forget that the main purpose of camping is to make you happy and satisfied and if you are not feeling any of these then I am afraid, camping is something that does not suit you in any way.