Ways To Pack Smart When Traveling To The Beach

Packing light is always a hassle.The beach packing list is always the longest. You wish you could take so much but not have the trouble of taking care of your things while you are off for a dip. There’s always that one more pair of chappals you need or that one extra shirt you think you might want to wear. You’ve heard of the mystical people that pack smart and travel light, but you just can’t do it yourself? Unsure of how to pack smart for a trip? Read on to get some amazingly helpful packing for travel tips.

  1. Wash your clothes

Washing your clothes during your trip will keep your bag light. Being ready to move all the time, is a luxury you soon won’t be able to live without. Plus, keeping beach clothes unwashed can create a mess best avoided.

Carry a little detergent in a Ziploc bag, buy tiny detergent sachets or visit a local laundromat for cheap alternate solutions to using the hotel laundry service. The reduced weight on your back will keep you fresh and active.

  1. Don’t be afraid to buy

Many people would rather carry non-essentials from home to save on expenditure on a vacation. With globalization, everywhere has everything. You will find decent deodorants or soaps everywhere you go. Buying daily use products, also gives you a taste of local culture, a feel of the local place.

Sunscreen, a must in your beach travel packing list, can be bought at local stores as well. If you absolutely need to take it from home, go for a travel size pack. The cost saving of a larger pack is not worth the weight.

  1. Quick Dry, Multi-purpose clothes

While visiting a beach, you need clothes you don’t mind getting wet with sea water. They have to be quick dry. Preferably reusable without washing, beach clothes should be designated for the beach. Have a go-to set for when you’ll head out for a swim.

Sarongs, thin skirts, light open shirts are examples of what you can wear above your wet beach wear. Towels are unnecessary with this kind of clothing. Let go of heavy Turkish towels and choose the thin, light towels if you require it. Using hotel towels and not carrying any from home saves space and lots of weight.

  1. Don’t overpack

While it seems obvious, it is not so easy to implement. The temptation to take all your pretty skirts or all your light and cool shirts is too much to fight. Fight it. Washing your clothes allows you take as little as two pants and three tops with three pairs of underwear. Use this opportunity. Taking your whole closet with you is just going to make you tired.

Ladies, shoes are included. If possible, take one pair of shoes. If it breaks, you can buy some at your destination.